Insurance Company Rocks Kravitz’s World due to Water Damage Manhattan

Rock stars are known for defacing and bashing hotel rooms. Well, some of them anyway. This kind of behavior makes them targets for lawsuits from left and right, even if the property involved is their own. Most New Yorkers would probably remember the three lawsuits filed against rock star and Grammy award winner Lenny Kravitz, all involving water damage Manhattan issues.

The first case involved a lawsuit filed by an insurance company who had to pay for water damage Manhattan repairs incurred by their client when one of Kravitz’s toilets overflowed into their client’s apartment. It was bad luck for Kravitz as the client was a former New York Life Benefit Services chairman and chief executive. The apartment incurred $333,849.77 worth of damages due to water damage Manhattan. The insurance company sued Kravitz for these repairs plus additional incurred costs. There were no explanations as to why the toilets overflowed, but the insurance company filed the lawsuit on grounds that Kravitz allowed the toilets to be blocked and clogged with a variety of materials. The unit was an $8 million, six thousand square foot duplex with five bedrooms and eight bathrooms. The duplex also had a billiards room, a game room and a 3,000 square foot terrace.

The second water damage Manhattan case against Kravitz involved another blocked toilet and he was sued for $9,387.87 worth of damages. The lawsuit insisted on the singer’s negligence and carelessness in allowing his toilets to overflow from the various unidentified materials flushed down the bowl, causing it to clog.

To make matters worst, Kravitz is once again sued for causing water damage Manhattan problems to another neighbor’s apartment due to – you guessed it right: blocked, clogged and congested toilet resulting to overflows. This is the third lawsuit in three years over the same old thing. This time, the bill would be $457,339.11 worth of repairs.

Toilet overflows are one of the most common domestic reasons for water damage Manhattan style, aside from natural causes like torrential rains or floods. Toilets can be clogged for a variety of reasons, like excessive toilet paper or bars of soap. Small solid objects can also be flushed through the bowl but would only get clogged in the drainpipes and would cause wastewater to backup through the bowl. A clogged bowl coupled with a broken flush mechanism would result to continuously flowing water, which can overflow from the bowl and spill to other rooms, and in this case, other floors. A responsible homeowner should have immediate remediation work performed in the toilet at the first sign of flush mechanism failures, or clogged bowls. Water that has been continuously flowing and is visible through the bowl, even if the flush cycle has completed, signifies that the toilet has a broken flush mechanism. On the other hand, water that goes down the bowl very slowly during the flush cycle is a strong indication that the toilet is clogged and should be checked immediately. Clogged items can sometimes be removed by using a plumbers’ snake or an auger that is inserted into the bowl to dislodge the clogged object. This might work for hair, soap or tissue debris trapped in the drainpipes. However, if the object clogged is solid and difficult to remove, it may require dismantling of the bowl.

Facing a losing legal battle, Kravitz has put the sprawling SoHo condominium unit out in the market with a $13 million price tag. That was higher than the $8 million price that Kravitz paid when he has bought the condominium units.

Myrtle Beach Resorts Are a Popular Destination for Families

Myrtle Beach is the second most visited vacation family resort destination. The Grand Strand provides more than 100 amazing golf courses, 2000 delicious restaurants, numerous entertainment, exceptional shopping centers and exhilarating amusement parks. Come get refreshed on the 60 miles of the golden sandy beaches where the warm gentle waves of the Atlantic meet.

Whether you want to relax or visit many of the different attractions, Myrtle Beach has plenty of resorts to choose from. Amenities found in the majority of Myrtle Beach Resorts include: Designer furnishing, elegant decors, full size well-equipped kitchens, outdoor and indoor pools, hot tubs, relaxing lazy river rides, exercise facilities, etc.

If you’re looking for a quiet relaxing resort with extra ordinary scenic beauty, along with historic landmarks in the north end of the Grand Strand; The Prince Resort is the place you’ve been looking for. The Prince Resort is approximately 27 miles from Myrtle Beach International Airport. This Myrtle Beach resort offers many features: new luxury 1, 2, and 3 bedroom oceanfront suites, outdoor pools, lazy river, and Jacuzzis, game room, fitness room, business center, full kitchens, coffeemakers, iron and ironing boards, hairdryers, FREE high-speed Internet in all suites, 3500 Ocean Grill Oceanfront Restaurant, Cherry Grove Pier with Boardwalk Beach Cafe, ice cream shop and gift shop.

There are so many more amenities they offer, the list continues. What makes this Myrtle Beach Resort different; it’s adjacent to one of the most famous Cherry Grove landmarks: the Cherry Grove Pier. This historic landmark brings over a million visitors each; it was built in the 1950s and recently been renovated. This pier is always enjoyed by guest with hours of live entertainment, fishing and watching fireworks. The great part is the Cherry Grove Pier is only footsteps from this Myrtle Beach Resort. However, this Myrtle Beach Resort is still close to everything else The Grand Strand has to offer.